Hermosa Beach Yacht Club sits, often overlooked, at 66 Hermosa Ave.
South Bay local Britney West enjoys a schooner at HBYC.
HBYC hangs flags from other yacht clubs on the ceiling and walls.
The HBYC logo is branded on tables and chairs.

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By Danielle LengletEmail the authorJune 12, 2010

At 66 Hermosa Ave. Hermosa Beach Yacht Club sits, often overlooked. The name is deceiving. Other yacht clubs, such as the one in Redondo Beach, require membership and an interest in racing boats to enter. The Hermosa Beach Yacht Club requires only a valid ID, and an appreciation for dive bars and cheap draft beer.If you’re looking for a relaxing place to sit with friends while on a budget, the yacht club, located blocks from Pier Avenue at 66 Hermosa Ave., is your best bet. Britney West, a South Bay local, said that she often enjoys going to the yacht club for the cheap drinks and the ambiance.”It’s a good bar to come if you just want to associate with your friends,” she said. “I’m a dive bar kind of girl, so I’d rather play music from the jukebox and make my own dance floor than hang out somewhere like Sharkeez.”

Walking into Hermosa Beach Yacht Club is like walking into a house that hasn’t been remodeled for years. The paint on the blue wooden chairs is faded. The stucco walls look 30 years old. There are jumbo-sized Christmas lights on the ceiling year round. Framed pictures of 1990s Clippers Girls and women in bikinis from the 1980s hang on the walls. Dusty flags from other yacht clubs wave from the ceiling.

“That means they honor members from those yacht clubs,” said Tamara Nelson, a Redondo Beach native and member of the Redondo Beach Yacht Club who visited Hermosa Beach Yacht Club recently.

As a result, the place has a familiar feel, as if everyone is family. When I went to use the ladies room, a man came out of the single stall bathroom and apologized for taking too long. Shortly after, I realized that all of the locals, male and female, use the ladies room because it is nicer than the men’s.

One woman saw me taking pictures of my friends and she offered to take a few with me in them. Other regulars were friendly and welcoming, inviting newcomers to take a seat at the bar when they walk in.

“The bartender was friendly, and the place definitely has a cool feel with the tables and the seats,” Nelson said.

The female bartenders flaunt short shorts with stiletto heels. Any given day of the week older men sheepishly chat up the bartenders. On the Hermosa Beach Yacht Club website there is a section with sexy pictures of the women so the club must see the skimpy outfits as a promotional tool.

Although some people may come to the club for the view of the bartenders, many patrons stop by for the Touch Tunes jukebox that allows them to choose what they want to hear while lounging on the large spacious patio. Other visitors especially enjoy a schooner, which is a draft beer served in a 32-ounce goblet-style glass. The price for one of these is only $5.

Along with beer and wine, the yacht club’s menu includes burgers, sandwiches and late night pizza. With the outdated decor comes a no credit card policy, so be sure to bring cash.

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