Hermosa Beach Yacht Club
66 Hermosa Avenue
Hermosa Beach, California

By John Nijhawan
Bar Rating 73%

In Hermosa Beach, where the pier is the go-to party spot, the Hermosa Beach Yacht Club is easy to miss. But if you have the legs, you won’t regret making the approximate half-mile walk to this low-key dive to cap off a demanding day at the beach, even though you’ll likely find yourself drinking with a bunch of dudes. They’ve come for the celebrated and gorgeous bar staff, and thus, the HBYC is the kind of place that needn’t waste time serving anything other than beer, which they serve in two sizes: big or bigger. If you go and enjoy yourself, and plan on returning, you’ll want to study the board by the door. It’s a schedule listing what nights of the week the numerous bartenders will be working

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