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This place is what it is, and sometimes, even more so.

This place is what it is, and
sometimes, even more so.  There is a patio, but it closes at 10pm (gotta love
Hermosa Beach ‘hood rules).  There’s something about not being able to take
alcohol out there past 7pm as well – not sure what that’s about.

In any
case, this is a dive’s dive.  The food actually ain’t bad.  Until recently, the
schooners (large, heavy goblets, in this case) were only able to be filled with
domestic swill of the worst order (think Coors Light, Bud Light, and just plain
Miller Lite *twitch*).  However, salvation is at hand!  Recently, Red Hook and
Pyramid Hefeweizen taps were added – although for the time being, Red Hook is
available by the mug only.  Regardless, this is a quantum leap forward in dive
bardom, and should be celebrated frequently and often.

HBYC’s claims to
fame include a white board which announces which bartendresses work which
shifts. *ALL* of them are model quality. Dunno how the owner does it, but more
power to him.

It’s usually louder than **** here – and by louder than
****, I mean sustained 85dB with 100dB peaks (yes, there’s an app for that). If
you value your hearing, and plan to spend more than a few hours a month here,
consider industrial-grade earplugs.

So if you haven’t been, check it out.
Note – parking sucks except for the 2 weeks before Christmas when it’s free,
free, free (technically for  3 hours).  Otherwise, they check meters until
midnight – midnight!  %$%$#!  Then again, there’s only maybe 8 seats at the bar
and maybe 8 tables so… yeah.  Still worth coming – far less douchebaggery here
than at the Pier bars.

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