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I’m from a small town in the midwest, and six months ago moved to a place on the sand in Hermosa Beach. HBYC is four blocks from my apartment, and I now call it my home bar. It reminds me of home. Never a lot of people, especially on the week days. No line, no stupid loud music, just a bar. The schooners are $6- for a 32oz goblet of domestic, you can’t beat that price. Bartenders are beautiful, talkative ladies and are always fun. I haven’t had the food, but I’ve seen it and it looks good.

Definitely the neatest bar I have found in all of Los Angeles. If you like homely bars where you can hang and meet some locals, this is your place.

Word of warning- cash only bar, no credit cards! – Mike E.


Do not come here wearing Jack Purcell’s and a cardigan thrown over your shoulders. The Hermosa Beach Yacht Club (HBYC) is exactly what you should expect Hermosa Beach’s “Yacht Club” to be like considering Hermosa Beach doesn’t have a marina to dock Yachts. If you further bear in mind the beach trash that rip this little beach town a new ass hole every weekend you come to realize that the HBYC is the exact embodiment of what Hermosa’s yacht club would be like if it actually had one!

HBYC is a simple (I’m being kind here) beer and wine joint. Calling this place a “dive bar” would fall nothing short of an empty gesture towards flattery.

If you’re in the area and want a low key place to grab a pint or schooner of shitty domestic beer this is THE place for you good sir or madam! You may find solace in knowing they do have a few bottled beers, but if you want serious beer selection or consider yourself a beer snob, walk down a few more blocks to Naja’s on the Redondo Beach Pier or Hudson House up on PCH.

I enjoy coming here for the prime people watching. The female employees are always scantily clad, sometimes drunk or on crack. The fat cook eats more than he cooks and the patrons are mostly guys and girls who didn’t get picked up by a fraternity or sorority during rush week in college, and there’s always the token old guys picking up on drunk haggard girls who are drinking wine (why anyone would drink wine here is beyond me).

Did I mention there’s a juke box, a couple video games and a collection of terrible pictures all over the walls of what seem to have been the “Glory Days” of HBYC? Ohhhh… and for good measure, there are a handful of nautical flags strewn about as decor…this is after all the Hermosa Beach Yacht Club!

Like Julie, I’m kinda twitching while I write this review…

In my opinion, HBYC is hands down, one of the best bars in town.

Big beers galore and no frills, no bs environment make the place ideal for having a great convo, catching up with fellow loaks and realizing how fantastic old school Hermosa really is.

But please, if you’re gonna go, keep it real…last thing this place needs is some drunk tourist from the pier.


I feel compelled to spread the word about my favorite bar in the Los Angeles Metro area. When you need to get away from those swanky Hollywood lounges and clubs, the HBYC offers a no-frills experience with a chill crowd in border beach city Hermosa Beach.

The Yachty has a great outdoor patio for summer shenanigans. They also have a TouchTunes jukebox (see my prior reviews to understand the importance of this). HBYC also features “schooners”, a 32. oz. glass for your draft beer sipping pleasure.

Now for what HBYC does not have: Liquor. Credit card processing. High prices. A dress code. Snobbery. Ample seating or bar space.

To sum up, this place is perfect.


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